“I drive by them almost every day and never noticed them”

“I’ve lived here for years and I’ve never been in that business”

“I still go to the place across town where I’ve always gone”

“I never thought about it”

The reasons are almost endless, but the results are the same. They live by your business and drive by your business, but they don’t do business with you. It’s the rule, not the exception. Consider how many thousands of people live and work around your business and simply do not do business with you. Consider the impact of 1,000’s of your neighbors being introduced to your business each week, for a fraction of the cost of other advertising and marketing venues. Most small business owners believe they need customers, but what their business REALLY needs is more relationships, relationships with consumers that live, work and drive by their business every single day. And that’s exactly what assistprint provides by introducing your business to 1,000’s of your neighboring residents and businesses starting at a ridiculous $100* investment for 1,000 recipients without commitments or excuses. assistprint = More business, ridiculously cheap.