Why does assistprint use such an expensive mailer, is it really necessary? The answer is absolutely yes, it is necessary. The most common response we hear when someone sees the mailer for the first time is “WOW”. Honestly, we hear it virtually every time someone sees it. If you have not seen and felt the actual mailer, please request one and we’ll have a representative get one to you. Our mailer sets YOUR business apart from all of the other mail in the consumers mailbox. They immediately see it, feel it and read it. In fact, they have to read it because it’s size overwhelms their mailbox and hides their mail! They almost feel guilty throwing it away.

Do I have to pay a design fee every time I update or change my offer? No. The design fee is a one-time charge and updates are included free. If you wish to have our designers create a completely new design in the future, you would be charged the $79 design fee.

What response should I expect from assistprint? Marketing campaigns vary considerably based upon the type of business, location, local market and especially the offer. Remember, the goal is to get the consumer to visit your business and be impressed enough by your business to start frequenting your business regularly. An attractive offer can change response substantially as well as frequency. As a general rule, the consumer should see your message 3 to 5 times before responding to it. This does not mean that you will not get response from your first assistprint, but it does mean that if you follow our 5 cycle program, you will virtually always experience lift in your response rates. Your assistprint representative will help you balance your offer against acquisition cost and help you consider campaign structure as well as up sell opportunities.

Why does assistprint focus on targeting within 3 minutes of my business? Businesses are almost as diverse as individuals. There are many businesses that do not require targeting because they service a large area of a city or region. For businesses that rely on local trade, the most likely prospects of building a relationship with your business are the people that live, work and drive by your business daily. Of course it is possible to attract consumers outside of this area, but we like to start with the “low hanging fruit” as they say. assistprint does an incredible job of targeting your local area, far more accurate targeting than zip codes.

How does assistprint compare to other direct mailing campaigns? Direct mailing works, period. That’s why we see so much of it in our mailbox. Notice that larger companies direct mail you as often as each week to stay in front of you knowing you will respond sooner or later. Although direct mail works extremely well, it is usually too expensive for smaller companies to maintain over long periods of time, even though that produces the greatest response and typically highest return on investment.  As a business owner you can spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to find out what works in direct mailing, and in many cases it is simply too risky. assistprint is an inexpensive alternative to more expensive mailers and postcards allowing your message to be mailed to as many as 6 times more consumers for a similar investment. assistprint has a minimal initial investment and is inexpensive to maintain if you choose to do so, allowing you to grow your business relationships month in and month out. assistprint also produces higher results than many other mailers because your message is not lost inside decks of postcards, envelopes or pages of coupon shoppers. Your message is immediately in front of the consumer when they get their mail.

How often should the assistprint be delivered to get the best response? This is a difficult question that has no single answer. This is one of the questions our representatives can help you with after analyzing your particular business. For most businesses, our “surround your business with success” program is ideal. However, a greeting card store may run heavy campaigns throughout the holidays and lighter campaigns during summer vacation months etc. After discovering more about your business, we’ll provide you with a recommended schedule.

assistprint has several businesses on each side of the mailer, what if the consumer doesn’t see my message? This is a question we hear often. The simple answer is to ask yourself how much time you spend looking at a postcard, is it about 2-3 seconds like most people before you toss it? The fact is that ANY mailer has only a few seconds to be read by most recipients, and that’s why response rates are so low on decks and cards enclosed in envelopes that have to be searched through. With assistprint, there are multiple offers increasing the chances of a consumer responding to at least one offer by as much as 1o times. Think about it, if they have ANY interest in ANY of the offers they will retain the card and call or visit that advertiser. If you are not the advertiser that they are responding to today, at least they have retained the card and seen your message numerous times increasing the chance that they will remember you when they need your service. With a postcard, your message would have been in the trash immediately with no chance of being remembered. assistprint is DESIGNED TO BE READ! assistprint advertising messages are designed to compliment each business and advertising partners are strategically placed as value partners when possible to maximize impact and response. assistprint has worked very closely with USPS commercial mailing personnel to maximize the assistprint design and mailing ability.

Please contact us at 800-991-6450 or email us at info@assistprint.com and we’ll gladly answer any additional questions.