assistprint packs the high impact punch of a professional full color postcard at a fraction of the cost allowing even the smallest businesses to drive traffic and increase revenue

assistprint is an 8.5 x 11 “plastic” coated mailing card that contains from 1 to 6 relevant “postcard” type ads per side making each ad stand alone and convey your message immediately to the recipient. assistprint provides an unprecedented opportunity to small businesses by allowing them to reach 1,000’s of people that live, work and drive by their businesses every day. assistprint costs up to 75% less than conventional postcards allowing you to market up to 4,000 consumers for about the cost of 1,000 mailed postcards. This reduces marketing spend risk drastically, provides a higher return on investment while increasing market reach significantly. With our “surround your business with success” program you reach thousands of potential customers at a minimal monthly investment. assistprint also provides conventional postcard campaigns at significant savings for businesses that mail very specific lists or target existing clientele.

assistprint provides larger companies with significant savings and reach when compared to traditional direct mailing campaigns. assistprint allows companies to drill down on the target markets surrounding individual locations and branches to drive traffic from the group most likely to do business with that location. Working directly with our client’s regional and location management helps us meet traffic goals while focusing on offerings that support upsell opportunities and timely recapture of marketing spend, minimizing marketing spend risk. assistprint corporate plans offer significant savings for higher volume advertisers.

How can assistprint help my business?

assistprint provides virtually any business that markets to consumers a unique opportunity to launch a turnkey marketing campaign that is both inexpensive to implement and financially sustainable to build your business month after month. With assistprint all of the work is done for you so you can continue to focus on your business. It is simple to get started (click “Getting Started” in the upper menu bar) and there are no mailing lists to buy, no design agencies, mailing or other barriers. It’s simple, inexpensive and only takes a few minutes to get started. assistprint helps both small and larger businesses reduce marketing spend while increasing reach and frequency. See anticipated response table “A” below for general response guideline examples. Response varies greatly depending upon your business type, location, offer and call to action and usually increases with frequency as the prospective consumer recognizes and remembers the message.

Is assistprint right for my business?

assistprint is a very good fit for your business if you’re looking to build new client relationships and drive traffic at an exceptionally low acquisition cost. Unlike “Daily Deals”, assistprint focuses on driving new consumer relationships to your business month after month. Daily Deals tend to drive traffic for only a few days, traffic that in many cases then chases the next deal and leaves you with a significant loss on your services and few or no relationships gained. Consumers will drive across town for 58% off, but they won’t drive back to pay you a profit. assistprint focuses on the offer and the up sell to make your offer profitable the first time!

assistprint is not a good fit for your business if you are seeking a national campaign. If you are marketing B2B only, our conventional direct mailing campaigns may be a better fit in targeting your prospect and reducing costs. The comparison chart below shows advantages and disadvantages to common marketing venues. See table “B” below for general guidelines.


Table A


Table B